Updates regarding  City Operations during the COVID 19 event
 Traffic Court is now held in the Council Chamber..

The front doors of City Hall will be open from 8:00 am to 8:45 am on Monday and Wednesday for TRAFFIC COURT ONLY

Those coming to Traffic Court must wear a mask.  No Public Restrooms.

Please see Press Release for more information on Phase 2 Operations

Public Records Request may be delayed during the pandemic.  Click here for the Press Release.

City Meetings are being held VIA ZOOM and Can be viewed on the City’s website. 

Codes Enforcement Complaint Form

Codes Enforcement Complaint Form

This form once submitted will be emailed to Nikki Lesich, Codes Enforcement Officer.  541-296-5481 Ext 1153

The Codes Enforcement office is located in the Community Development Department at City Hall, 313 Court Street.

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