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RV Parking Permit Application

RV Parking Permit Application

To help address the growing trend of parking enforcement cases related to RVs, and to better assist the City in monitoring and enforcing parking activity, The Dalles City Council adopted General Ordinance No. 19-1371 (amending TDMC Chapter 6.04) on May 13, 2019, requiring a no-cost, 5-day permit to park an RV on a city street.

Friendly Reminders​

  • The permit is valid for 5 consecutive days from the issue date
  • You can get up to 6 permits a year
  • RVs cannot be connected to external water/power source
  • Please be mindful of safety around stairs, tip-outs and slide-outs that could obstruct sidewalk or street use.

Getting a permit

To obtain a free permit, simply complete the form below and click the "Submit" button.  Once submitted, the property owner or lawful tenant will receive the permit in the mail to display on RV that serves as their RV Parking Permit.

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