The Public Works Department office will be closed January 18 – 21, 2022.

If you have a water, sewer or transportation emergency or a delivery to the shop, please call the after hours emergency number: 541-980-7703

City Manager

City Manager



Julie Krueger, City Manager               

The City Manager's position plays a unique role in assisting the democratic processes of our representative government. Guided by the vision and goals of the City Council, it is the City Manager's charge to accomplish the direction set out by the Council. Oftentimes, this is performed by facilitating public processes to hear and respond to the issues concerning the citizens, represent the position of governing body, and offer education in regarding the provision of public services and infrastructure.

The City Manager guides and shapes the organization in response to the leadership of the City Council and in accordance with sound management practices. The City Charter provides that this position is the administrative and the supervision of public utilities and property.

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