Updates regarding  City Operations during the COVID 19 event

Beginning February 1, 2021 Traffic Court will be held via ZOOM.  Click here for more information.

Public Records Request may be delayed during the pandemic.  Click here for the Press Release.

City Meetings are being held VIA ZOOM Log in information is on the agendas, and can be viewed on the City’s website. 



Department Listing

Columbia Gorge Regional Airport 509-767-2272 
City Clerk  Izetta Grossman    541-296-5481 Ext 7
City Council
City Manager   Julie Krueger   541-296-5481  Ext 7
Codes Enforcement  Nikki Lesich 541-296-5481 Ext 4
Commission and Committees
Community Development  Alice Cannon  541-296-5481  Ext 2
Court Lupita Torres Court Clerk  541-296-5481 Ext 3
Economic Development Alice Cannon 541-296-5481 Ext 2
Engineering    Dale McCabe  541-296-5481 Ext 5
Finance   Angie Wilson   541-296-5481  Ext 1
Human Resources - Daniel Hunter 541-296-5481 Ext 8
General Services  
Legal Services  541-296-5481 Ext 1150
Library - The Dalles-Wasco County Library  Library Director Jeff Wavrunek 541-296-5481 Ext 6
Map- (google maps)
Police Chief of Police Tom M. Worthy 541-296-2613
Public Documents
Public Works  Dave Anderson 541-296-5481 Ext 5
QLife Administrator 541-506-2550
Transportation  541-296-5481 Ext 5
Urban Renewal  Alice Cannon  541-296-5481 Ext 2
Wastewater  541-296-5481 Ext 5
Water & Sewer Billing   541-296-5481 Ext 1111
Water Distribution 541-296-5481 Ext 5
Water Supply & Treatment  541-298-1242


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For general information contact City Hall.

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