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CITY CLERK4 documents

  • Charter - Updated 2020
  • Council Rules  Updated 2017
  • City of The Dalles Code
    Including the LUDO (previously Ordinances)
  • Committee and Commission Application 2021

CITY COUNCILNo documents


  • Billing Assistance Application 2020
  • ACH Vendor Payment Authorization Agreement
  • City of The Dalles Adopted Budgets
    The budget documents below do not reflect any changes made during the year via supplemental budgets or budget amendments.

Moody Credit Opinion2 documents

  • 2019 Moody Credit Opinion - April 2019.pdf
  • 2020 Moody Credit Opinion - 2020.pdf

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)3 documents

  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)
    Bond Rate Convenant information as of 6/30/08  (Subsequent Bond Rate Covenant information is included each year in the Statistical Section of the CAFR)   
  • 2007 Water Bond.pdf
  • 2003 WasteWater Bond.pdf


  • City Policy Manual.pdf


  • Citizen Complaint Form.pdf
    Please save to your device, fill out and email or mail to the appropriate person
  • Liability Claim Form.pdf
    Please save to your device, fill out and email or mail to the appropriate person
  • Policy Regarding Public Information Requests.pdf
    Please save to your device, fill out and email or mail to the appropriate person
  • Public Information Request Form (2021).pdf
    Please save to your device, fill out and email or mail to the appropriate person


  • Planning Applications
  • City of The Dalles Code
    (including Land Use and Development Ordinance)
  • ADA Transition Plan Adendum.pdf
  • Bicycle Master Plan.pdf
  • Buildable Lands Inventory (BLI) Memorandum - December 2016.pdf
  • Chenowith IAMP 2010.pdf
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan.pdf
  • Economic Barriers Report 2011.pdf
  • Housing and Residential Land Needs Asessment-March 2017.pdf
  • Housing Strategies Report - April 2017.pdf
  • Preferred Parking Plan 6.2005.pdf
  • Transportation System Plan 2017.pdf
  • Volume 2 Appendices.pdf
  • Wasco County Demographics.pdf

Urban Growth Boundary Expansion4 documents

  • Exhibit B.pdf
  • Growth Management Report.pdf
  • Public Facilities Plan with Maps and Appendices 052513.pdf
  • Rural Residential BLI.pdf

Historic Landmarks3 documents

  • Pioneer Cemetery Maintenance and Preservation Plan.pdf
  • Pioneer Cemetery Map.jpg
  • Rock Fort Management Plan 2011.pdf

Vision Action Plan1 document

  • 2011 Vision Action Plan Document.pdf

Urban Renewal Amendment Plan6 documents

  • Downtown Amendment Plan Rev 4.14.09.pdf
  • Mailout Brochure.pdf
  • The Dalles Report 051909.pdf
  • Urban Renewal Plan Amended 05.10.10.pdf
  • Urban Renewal Plan Amended 05.12.14.pdf
  • Urban Renewal Plan Amended 4.12.10.pdf


  • Buildable Lands Inventory Memo.pdf
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan 05.11.pdf
  • Demographic Trends Analysis.pdf
  • Economic Opportunity Analysis 05.11.pdf
  • Map 2, Study Area - Zoning.pdf
  • Map 6, Proposed Urban Growth Boundary & Urban Reserve Area.pdf
  • Map 7, NSA & Proposed Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Area.pdf
  • Natural Resources Inventory Report 06.11.pdf
  • Population Memo.pdf
  • Powerpoint Presentation – Periodic Review Work Session-April 26 2012.ppt
  • Residential Land Needs Report 04.07.pdf
  • Scenic Resources Evaluation Report 06.11.pdf
  • Specific Site Suitability Criteria - Schools & Parks.pdf
  • Staff Report-Periodic Review.pdf
  • The Dalles Engergy Analysis.pdf
  • Urban Reserve Area Justification Report 09.07.pdf
  • Utility Service Expansion Findings.pdf


  • Adjustment Application
  • Annexation Application - Property Owner
  • Building Permit Packet- Minor
  • Building Permit Packet
  • Change of Use Permit
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Zone Change Application
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Fence Permit
  • Historic Landmarks Application
  • Home Business Permit Application
  • Manufactured Home Building Permit
  • Minor Land Partition Application
  • Physical Constraints Application
  • Planned Unit Development Application
  • Property Line Adjustment Application
  • Short Term Rental License
  • Sign Permit
  • Site Plan Review Application
  • Subdivision Application
  • Variance Application
  • Zone Change Application


  • Report a crime  to The Dalles Police Department
  • Bike Registration
  • TAKE ME HOME Registration

PUBLIC WORKS12 documents

  • ADA Grievance Form.pdf
  • Banner Policy.pdf
  • Banner Permit Calendar
  • Banner Permit
  • Backflow Assembly Permit
  • Compliance Report for Dental Discharge.pdf
  • Construction Noise Permit.pdf
  • Guide Temporary Pedestrian Accessible Route Plan for Sidewalk Closures.pdf
  • Street/Sidewalk Closure Permit
  • Right Of Way Permit
  • Current Water Quality Report
  • Past Water Quality Reports


  • City Fee Schedule.pdf
  • Billing Assistance Form
  • Everything you need to know about Water Sewer Billing.pdf
  • Lo Que Usted Necesita Saber.pdf
  • WATER and SEWER Commercial Application Spanish.pdf
  • WATER and SEWER Residential Application English.pdf
  • WATER and SEWER Residential Application Spanish.pdf
  • WATER and SEWERCommercial Application English.pdf
  • WATER SEWER Landlord form.pdf
  • Ways to Pay.pdf
  • Application for Auto Pay - English
  • Application for Auto Pay - Spanish.pdf


  • City Fee Schedule.pdf
  • City Use of Social Media Policy.pdf
  • Columbia Gorge Regional Airport Master Plan.pdf
  • Parade Permit
  • Resale Business License
  • Transient Merchant Application - Sign Permit