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Public Works

Public Works Director

Dave Anderson

Public Works

Mission: To be responsive to our customers, to do our best work, and to build foundations for the future, so that the community reaps the rewards.

Description: The Department of Public Works is composed of six separate divisions with three different dedicated funds:  Street Fund, Water Fund and Wastewater Fund.  Revenues from individual dedicated funds cannot be co-mingled, and joint services between funds must be tracked and charged for appropriate reimbursement.  Within the Department, administrative and engineering services are split proportionally among the funds.

Call 811 or notify online at least two working days before you dig to prevent injury or utility damage. The Utility Notification Center is open 24/7.

Public Works Department FAQ

Who do I call about my water service?

Who do I call for emergency water shut off?

Please call the Public Works Department for emergency water shut off.

Call (541) 296-5401 during office hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Call  (541) 980-7703 for after hours water/sewer emergencies.

Who do I call about cloudy or brown drinking water?

Occasionally main flushing causes water flowing from a tap to be discolored from stirred up sediment or milky white caused by tiny air bubbles. Although discolored water won’t make you sick, you might want to flush the pipe by running the water for several minutes before drinking or washing.

If the water does not clear, please contact the Public Works office at (541) 296-5401.

Who do I call about drinking water quality?

Questions about the Annual Water Quality Report or The Dalles Water Quality Laboratory can be answered by the Water Quality Manager at Wicks Water Treatment Plant. Email or call (541) 298-2248.

Who do I call about backflow prevention assembly installation or testing?

A Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation Permit must be issued before installation. An online form is available here.

Assembly selection, installation and testing must conform to requirements set out in The Dalles Municipal Code Chapter 3.20 Cross Connection Control as a condition of water service, as required by the State of Oregon Health Authority.

A brochure explaining backflow prevention requirements is available here.

 If you have any questions about the form or about annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies, please call (541) 296-5401 and ask for the Cross Connection Specialist.

Who do I call about water meter freeze protection?

The City of The Dalles Public Works Department has insulated your water meter with either a thermal blanket or wood chips. If you lift the small door on your water meter and notice that the thermal blanket is missing, call the Public Works Department at (541) 296-5401.

Please do not pull out your meter lid to check if it is insulated because you could accidently damage the wire connected to the meter box lid.

Who do I call about my water/sewer account or bill?

Who do I call to start or stop water/sewer service?

To start water or sewer utility service:
To stop water or sewer utility service call the Utility Billing Division at (541) 506-2031 or send a fax to (541) 298-5107.

Who do I call about water/sewer billing?

Call the Utility Billing Division at (541) 506-2031 or email if you have questions about your bill.

Who do I call about a high water/sewer bill?

Billing is processed on the last day of each month. If you sign up for utility service in the middle of the billing cycle, your first bill will include a prorated amount for service to the end of the current month as well as one full month in advance.

The first bill also includes a one-time $20.00 set up fee.

Call the Utility Billing Division at (541) 506-2031 or email if you have other questions about your bill.

What are the business hours for the water/sewer billing office?

Payment Window Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Payment Window Location:  the 1st floor of City Hall, 313 Court Street, The Dalles, OR 97058



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