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Joshua Chandler

Urban Renewal Agency

The Columbia-Gateway Urban Renewal Agency was established in 1990 to:

...eliminate blight and depreciating property values within the Agency’s jurisdiction and in the process, attract aesthetically pleasing, job producing private investments that will stabilize or increase property values and protect the Area’s historic places and values (Columbia Gateway Urban Renewal Mission Statement).  

To accomplish its mission the Agency has adopted goals and objectives which provide the overall guidance in developing and implementing an urban renewal program. Some of the goals include:

  • Increase value of properties;
  • Place unused and underused properties in productive condition;
  • Assist with opportunities for business, civic, residential, cultural, and tourist-related property to be developed, redeveloped, improved, rehabilitated, and conserved; and
  • Support development or redevelopment projects to construct, install, or replace publicly owned utility systems such as water, storm drains, and sanitary sewers where existing facilities are inadequate, undersized, or otherwise substandard.
Urban Renewal District Map 2023-02-16 - Copy