City of The Dalles, OR

Urban Renewal Grant Program

The Dalles Urban Renewal Agency has funding available for building and property owners seeking to meet community goals through improving, rehabilitating, and developing properties located within the Columbia Gateway/Downtown Urban Renewal Area. 

Find grant program documents here:

website URAB

Application and Approval Process

The Agency anticipates screening, reviewing, and scoring submitted and complete applications within 30 days following submission of a complete application. Applications requiring public review at an Agency Board meeting are intended to be reviewed and scored within 60 days following submission of a complete application.

  1.  Contact Agency staff at or 541-370-1240 to first assess eligibility and funding availability. Use this time to discuss the potential Project.
  2.   Identify overall development program, Project elements, scope of work, and estimated costs.
  3.  Complete and submit the Application package to Agency staff.
  4.   Agency staff will screen for and determine the Applicant’s official eligibility for an Incentive Program Grant and clarity and completeness of the submitted Application.
  5.  Less than $50,000:  For all eligible Applications seeking less than $50,000 in Grant funding, the Agency Manager shall review and score each Application before making a final approval or denial.
    • $50,000 or more:  Eligible Applications seeking $50,000 or more in Grant funding will be reviewed publicly at a regular meeting of the Agency Board where the Agency Board shall score and make a final approval or denial.
  6. Successful Applicants will receive a Letter of Grant Award and Grant Agreement establishing the Grant amount, performance requirements, specific conditions, requirements for reimbursement or SDC credit, and the anticipated Grant disbursement schedule. Note: prior to commencing construction and receiving any grant disbursement, the successful Project will be required to obtain all needed land use, building permit, and related approvals.