City of The Dalles, OR

2023 Investments in Pavement Management

The Transportation Division plans to get an early start on this year’s pavement preservation activities. Annual road condition evaluations help determine best-value candidates for street maintenance projects. The City directs its limited resources to help protect and extend the life of the transportation system.

This spring and summer the City will focus on several street maintenance projects. See a few project highlights below:

  • Approximately 14 miles of crack sealing will occur throughout the City. This is the lowest cost pavement preservation treatment available. Crack sealing as a pretreatment improves the effectiveness of other surface treatments such as chip seals. Approximately 75% of cracks turn in to potholes within 3 years if they are not sealed.
  • Nearly four and a half miles of roadway in several areas of town will be chip sealed. This type of preventative maintenance is one of the best uses of street maintenance dollars. Chip sealing helps to reinstate oil into the oxidized pavement surfaces and provides a new, durable chip rock wearing surface.
  • A 16,000 linear foot asphalt surface treatment project is scheduled in the downtown corridor on 2nd Street from Taylor Street to Lincoln Street. The purpose of this project is to extend the life of the asphalt for another 8 to 10 years .
  • ADA curb ramp improvements are planned at the following intersections:
    • W. 9th Street and Cherry Heights Road
    • W. 9th Street Bridge, adjacent to a grind and overlay project
    • W. 10th Street Bridge, adjacent to a grind and overlay project
    • 4th Street and Union Street
    • 5th Street and Union Street
    • 6th Street and Union Street
    • E. 11th Street and Dry Hollow Road, adjacent to a grind and overlay project
    • E. 11th Street and Oregon Street, adjacent to a grind and overlay project
    • E. 13th Place and View Court, adjacent to a grind and overlay project
    • E. 13th Place and Dry Hollow, adjacent to a grind and overlay project
    • E. 16th Street and E. 18th Street, adjacent to a grind and overlay project

The Transportation fund's primary sources of revenue:

  • Oregon State Motor Vehicle Fund
  • 3-cent City gas tax 
  • City Water & Sewer Impact Fees
  • City General Fund

The first of these projects will start April 1st, 2023, weather permitting. Press releases are sent out and posted on the City Facebook page with details about each project. Thank you for your attention to safe travel around and through work areas.

You can view the 2023 street maintenance projects map, the list of streets that will be chip sealed at