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City of The Dalles, OR

Adopted Budgets

The format of each adopted budget begins with a summary of issues affecting the entire budget. The narrative section of the budget document addresses the following:

  • City wide budget issues section, includes fiscal policies involved in the preparation of the budget, the City’s Strategic Plan and personnel issues.
  • The General Fund section summarizes revenue projections from taxes, franchise fees and fines and a general breakdown of expenditures.
  • The Public Works Operations summary includes revenue projections from utility billing and then a summary of expenditures for operations in the Water, and Wastewater Funds. A summary of City gas tax and State shared revenue for the Street Fund and a summary of expenditures is also included. The Public Works budget includes reserve funds and capital funds revenue from system development charges, bonds and other funding sources.

You can view the most recent Adopted Budget and past budgets since fiscal year 2001-2002 here.