Sanitary Sewer Overflow Due to Vandalism, Warning Signs Still Posted

Due to vandalism, sewage has overflowed directly into Mill Creek and into the Columbia River. The sewer pipe has been cleared and the pipe has been repaired. No more sewage is overflowing.

Out of an abundance of caution, signs have been placed at locations of public river access on the Oregon shore of the Columbia River, from The Dalles Riverfront Park to West Mayer Park boat launch. The signs say: “Warning - Contaminated Water - No water contact” and give phone numbers to call for information.  These signs will remain in place at least until Thursday September 29, 2022 to allow time for water quality testing. Read the full press release here.

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City of The Dalles, OR

2021 Water Quality Report Now Available

2021-water-quality-report-cover2021 Water Quality Report Now Available
Your tap water delivers more value than any other water available to consumers, and at a bargain price. Consider the many ways that we use water:

Public health protection
In The Dalles, you can drink and wash your hands in water from any home faucet and public tap with a high assurance of safety; as shown in this annual report.

Fire protection
The City water system provides water where firefighters need it – when they need it.

Support for the economy
Local businesses and industries depend upon a safe, reliable water supply.

 The overall quality of life we enjoy
From your morning shower and cup of coffee to washing your supper dishes, safe tap water that you can count on is more than a convenience; it is central to our everyday lives.

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