City of The Dalles, OR

City of The Dalles Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget Has Been Adopted

City of The Dalles Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget Has Been Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 22-23

The format of the budget document follows the pattern of previous years. We acknowledge the work of our Finance Director Angie Wilson, other Finance Department employees, and all of the Department Managers and their associated personnel who were involved in assembling the budget document. The Budget Message begins with the section summarizing issues that affect the  entire budget.

The three areas that we touch on are:

  1. Fiscal policies involved in the preparation of the budget
  2. The City’s Strategic Plan (formerly listed as Council Goals)
  3. Personnel issues

The next section looks at the major aspects of the General Fund.

The final two sections will look at major points of Public Works and Other Funds.

There are narratives at the beginning of each department budget that provide further information. We have also sent the Budget Committee several Budget Issue Papers (BIP) that further clarify specific issues, with the budget. We will reference these papers throughout the document.

View the adopted budget here.