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City of The Dalles, OR

Security Camera Registration Program

Assist law enforcement in solving crimes using your security cameras.

The primary aim of the Security Camera Registration Program is to discourage criminal activity and bolster public safety by fostering cooperation between The Dalles Police and our community. You can assist the City of The Dalles Police Department by registering your home or business surveillance system. This registration aids the police in promptly  identifying potential helpful camera footage when there is criminal activity in your vicinity.

  • This program is voluntary and there is no cost associated with registration.
  • Registering your information does not provide direct access to your security system camera.
  • You will only be contacted by the City of The Dalles Police Department in the future if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera.
  • The Police Department may request a copy of any video captured by your camera to assist in the investigation of a crime.
To register your security camera system, please complete this online form:
 Camera Registry Form

Terms & Conditions:
Any information you provide regarding your camera systems will be used only for the City’s official purposes. You are not required by law to submit any information and the City obliges itself in good faith not to disclose any you might submit. Based on the security-focused nature of that information, the City understands it to be considered confidential. To encourage voluntary submission of relevant information to the City, the City may assert the Oregon Public Records Law exemption codified as ORS 192.355(4) to prevent any disclosure of information connected with this program. If the Police Department intends to use any information you provide for a law enforcement investigation or criminal prosecution, the Police Department will contact you directly using the information you provided at the time of your registration. Your participation in the program does not mean you are acting as an agent, officer, or employee of the City or its Police Department.