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City of The Dalles, OR

The Dalles Community Vision Action Plan

Vision 2040

Every 10 years, the Vision Action Plan is updated to reflect current community views and opportunities for the future using input from residents, local businesses, and community organizations. In fall 2021, The Dalles embarked on a community-wide visioning process with the goal of creating a shared vision for The Dalles 2040 and an actionable roadmap to achieve that future. Through the visioning effort, five community focus areas were selected along with supporting priorities and projects described in the Vision Action Plan 2040. 

Watershed Opportunities

Modern, State-of-the-Art School Facilities

Attainable, Affordable Housing Options

Strategies related to this opportunity include:  Strategies related to this opportunity include: 
  • Support get-out-the-vote for school bond to build modern, state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Update 2016 housing study to better understand current needs and opportunities.
  • Host community events at school facilities to increase awareness of current needs.
  • Explore west side area planning options (e.g., 2nd Street redevelopment, Chenowith Loop development).
  • Explore short-term strategies for current students and interim facilities.
  • Continue vertical housing program, including redevelopment of downtown upper stories.

Community Focus Areas and Priorities

The five focus areas and supporting priorities are highlighted below with further information provided in the Vision Action Plan 2040.

education iconEnhancing Education 

Community priorities related to this focus area include:

  1.  Invest in local school facilities, including outdoor learning spaces and safe ways to bike and walk to school.
  2.  Support internship programs that provide mentorship and hands-on learning with local, small businesses and the technology sector.

economic vitality iconCreating Economic Vitality 

Community priorities related to this focus area include:

  1.  Look for funding strategies to make mixed-use development and rehabilitation of downtown historic building spaces more economical.
  2.  Raise awareness and add resources to help service workers and small businesses succeed.

providing recreation space iconProviding Recreation and Open Space 

Community priorities related to this focus area include:

  1.  Invest in shady, well-maintained parks that provide equitable recreation access, including considering a new park on the west side.
  2.  Invest in safe, well-maintained trails and paths to connect the community, including the Riverfront Trail and bike paths downtown.

community life icon Strengthening and Sustaining Community Life 

Community priorities related to this focus area include:

  1.  Recruit volunteers to promote family-friendly community events such as art walks, farmers markets, movie nights, and concerts in the park.
  2.  Plan and promote cultural events that celebrate the community’s rich heritage and diversity.
  3.  Obtain funding to help preserve and tell the story of historic buildings.

gov. iconImproving Government and Infrastructure 

Community priorities related to this focus area include:

  1.  Continue working on long-range strategies to attract and retain businesses and diverse retail.
  2.  Successfully deliver partnership projects such as the new hospital campus and youth athletic complex.
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Community Engagement Summary

Community Survey: Vision Ideas

Initial outreach included an online community survey in English and Spanish to gather ideas for the future of The Dalles. In November and December 2021, 444 participants shared their input.

Community Town Hall and Survey: Vision Priorities

The next phase of outreach included an online community town hall followed by a second online community survey in English and Spanish. In March 2022, 138 town hall attendees provided input through live polling and facilitated breakout group discussions. Then in April 2022, 601 survey participants shared their input on the most important focus areas and top priorities for the community.

Partner Work Session: Vision Actions

After collecting input from community members, The City of The Dalles hosted a partner organization work session in September 2022 to discuss projects and initiatives to help achieve community priorities.


Partnering Organizations include: partner orgs.