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City of The Dalles, OR

RV Park Code Amendments

We have some important updates regarding the development code for Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parks in the City of The Dalles.  City staff have proposed changes to the RV code; draft language is available at the link provided below.

Proposed RV Park Code Amendments – The Dalles Municipal Code

Proposed RV Park Code Amendments - Redlines - The Dalles Municipal Code

These proposed code changes will change the following aspects of the RV Park code:

  • RV Parks will no longer be allowed in residential zoned areas. This change will not prohibit someone from storing their personal RV on their property.
  • Changing the required Park landscaping to include shade trees and clarifying screening requirements. Screening could be a berm, fence, and/or landscaping.
  • Moving RV Parks from a Conditional Use to a Permitted Use in the General Commercial, Recreational Commercial, Commercial Light Industrial, and Industrial zones.
  • Changing the Park operations procedures and length of stay requirements.
  • And more!

Upcoming Public Meetings

City Council will review these proposed changes will be on January 8, 2023 at 5:30pm. To find all of the meeting information go to the link below.

If City Council approves the code amendments, then it can be formally adopted, meaning the code will be “effective” and all RV Park applications submitted after this date must comply with these new rules.  

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did I receive a Ballot Measure 56 Notification?
    You have received a Ballot Measure 56 notification since you are a property owner within a residential zoning district in The Dalles.  This notification is mandated by the State of Oregon due to its potential negative impact on your property values.  It is important to note that these code amendments could potentially diminish your property values.  The amendments aim to prohibit the development of an RV Park on your property if the proposed code amendments are approved, especially if you bought a residential property in hopes of creating an RV Park. You can find a copy of the Ballot Measure 56 Notification here. 
  • Can I keep storing my RV on my property?
    So long as your RV is stored on your property, unconnected from City utilities, and not in use for living purposes, you may keep storing your RV on your property.  If you have questions about limitations on RVs outside of an RV Park, click here to read The Dalles Municipal Code, Article 6.160 Limitation on Uses.
  • Will the current RV Parks shut down?
    Any RV Park approved prior to the adoption of these code amendments can remain in operation.  
  • Can I comment on these proposed changes?
    Yes, public comment will be accepted at the Planning Commission and City Council meetings. You may submit written comment via email at or USPS at:
City of The Dalles
Attn: Community Development Department
313 Court Street
The Dalles, OR 97058

Do you have additional questions?

Please contact the Community Development Department at (541) 296-5481, ext. 1125, or email