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City of The Dalles, OR

Short Term Rentals

Important Short Term Rental Announcement

On November 27, 2023, City Council adopted Resolution No. 23-039 suspending the processing and issuance of Short-Term Rental Licenses under The Dalles Municipal Code Chapter 8.02. With the adoption of this resolution, no new non-owner occupied Short-Term rental licenses in residential zones will be issued. This moratorium will be in effect until November 26, 2024, unless repealed or modified by City Council. 

Operators with existing and licensed short-term rentals, Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rentals in good standing at the time of this Resolution’s adoption may reapply for a license for the 2024 license year.

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At the October 23, 2023 regular City Council meeting, Community Development Department staff coordinated a discussion with Council concerning the city’s Short Term Rental (STR) License program to reevaluate the existing ordinance and address concerns of existing accommodations. Staff provided a brief history and overview of the program, as well as highlighted various discussion topics that may later be used for future amendments to the program. Of these topics, Staff discussed the differences between owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied STRs, specifically to their potential impact in residential neighborhoods. Operators living on-site have more opportunity to monitor the actions of their guests, compared to non-owner occupied units. Non-owner occupied units function more as a business venture than a “homeshare” scenario. Due to the lack of on-site management, non-owner occupied units have the potential to require additional, unnecessary oversight from outside entities (neighbors, City). In addition, throughout the City’s current 2023 Housing Needs Analysis update, there have been numerous comments/concerns regarding the impact STRs have on housing availability and affordability.

Since the STR License program was first adopted in 2020, The Dalles has seen a growth of accommodations within the program from 35 in 2021, 56 in 2022, and 51 in 2023. These figures include both STRs as well as existing Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Rental (BBVs) permits. STRs require an annual licensure prior to operation; however, BBVs may continue to operate under their five-year land use permit timeline before required compliance with new STR License requirements. In 2023 alone, 12 of the existing BBVs will expire, thus contributing to the slight decrease in accommodations between 2022 and 2023.

Currently, 34 of the 51 licensed/permitted STRs within the city are non-owner-occupied accommodations. However, of the 34 non-owner-occupied units, 19 are operated by individuals living within the Columbia Gorge, with 11 living within The Dalles specifically. A map of the current STR inventory as of November 2023 can be found in the related documents tab below. 

To best address the considerations discussed at the October 23, 2023 City Council meeting and allow time for a comprehensive review of the current STR License program, staff presented the option to place a moratorium on all new STRs for a period of up to one year. Following a discussion on the matter, it was the consensus of Council to direct staff to prepare a moratorium for consideration at an upcoming Council meeting. Council specifically requested that the moratorium be placed on all new non-owner occupied STRs located within residential zoning districts for up to one year. This moratorium would allow operators of non-residential properties (commercial) to obtain licensure, as well as allow existing operators to continue STR and BBV operations and renew for the upcoming 2024 license year.

On November 27, 2023, City Council adopted Resolution No. 23-039 suspending the processing and issuance of Short-Term Renal Licenses under The Dalles Municipal Code Chapter 8.02 until November 26, 2024, unless sooner repealed or modified by City Council resolution.


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