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City of The Dalles, OR

City of The Dalles Beautification Committee offers Tree Grants

City of The Dalles Beautification Committee Mission
The Beautification Committee’s mission is to add to the rich cultural history of our place, share the beauty of our community,

and instill a sense of pride in our public, private, and communal outdoor spaces.

Program Purpose
The purpose of the Program is to provide grants for City of The Dalles residents to beautify and improve their property with trees.

The Beautification Committee recognizes the many benefits that a healthy urban forest provides: trees certainly make our neighborhoods more beautiful but they also increase property value of our homes and enhance economic vitality in business districts. On hot summer days, trees provide essential shade to cool our yards and buildings and save energy. Trees improve soil, air, and water quality and can also improve our quality of life by boosting our mental and physical health and providing homes to wildlife we value.

Before submitting an application, please review the  Grant Guidelines
Application is below or email for an application
Deadline September 1, 2023

Recipients will be notified no sooner than September 15, 2023