CITY-WIDE FIREWORKS BAN  NOW IN EFFECT All City offices will be closed Wednesday, June 19th for the Juneteenth Holiday.
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City of The Dalles, OR

2024 General Election Information

General Election - November 5, 2024 
City Elections Official: Amie Ell | | 541.296.5481 ext. 1119

Election Questions

Are you interested in running for an elected position? 

Download the Candidate Informational Packet here

Below is a compilation of resources to help inform your decision. 

Positions on the November 5, 2024 Ballot:

Elective Office Length of Term Position Currently Held By:
Councilor Position #2 4 years Darcy Long
Councilor Position #4 4 years Dan Richardson
Councilor Position #5 4 years Rod Runyon

A candidate must be a registered voter and reside within the City limits at least 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to office. No person may be a candidate, at a single election, for more than one elective City office.

Filing Methods for City Candidates
Candidates file the appropriate forms along with a $25.00 fee.

Candidates file the appropriate forms, receive written pre-approval to circulate nominating petition from the City Election Official, and collect 100 qualified signatures to be verified by county election officials.

Filing Instructions
First day to file: June 5, 2024
Last day to file: August 27, 2024

1.  Fully complete and file Form SEL 101: Candidate Filing – Major Political Party or Nonpartisan with the City Elections Official
2.  Pay $25.00 fee, payable to The City of The Dalles
3.  See the Campaign Finance Reporting section in this packet to determine if additional forms will need to be filed.

1.  Make an appointment with the City Elections Official to attain petition forms.
2.  Receive written approval from the City Elections Official to circulate the prospective nominating petition Candidate Signature Sheets.
3.  Collect 100 verifiable signatures of active Oregon registered voters within the district on the SEL 121 Candidate Signature Sheet - Nonpartisan.
       a. Candidate is advised to obtain more than the required number of signatures to ensure the petition contains a sufficient number of valid signatures.
4.  Fully complete and file Form SEL 101: Candidate Filing – Major Political Party or Nonpartisan with the City Elections Official
5.  Submit completed signature sheets for verification no later than August 15, 2024 to the City Elections Official with Form SEL 338 Petition Submission – Candidate, Voter’s Pamphlet.
6.  County elections officials will review for sufficient circulator certification and signature verification.
7.  See the Campaign Finance Reporting section in this packet to determine if additional forms will need to be filed.

To file a withdrawal of candidacy, Form SEL 150 - Candidate Filing Withdrawal must be filed with the City Elections Official no later than 5:00 p.m., August 30, 2024.

Campaign Finance Reporting
Please review the Secretary of State Campaign Finance Manual for detailed information on legal and procedural requirements of campaign finance reporting. All Campaign Finance filing and reporting is submitted directly to the Oregon Elections Division electronically, by mail, fax, or by scanning and emailing. Contact information is available on page 10 of the Campaign Finance Manual.

Every candidate is required to establish a candidate committee by opening a campaign account and filing a Form SEL 220 - Statement of Organization within three business days of receiving or spending any money to support the candidacy. 

The candidate is not required to establish a campaign account, file a Statement of Organization or file contribution and expenditure transactions if all three of the following conditions are met:

  • The candidate serves as their own treasurer AND
  • The candidate does not have an existing candidate committee AND
  • The candidate does not expect to spend or receive more than $750 during the calendar year

This amount of $750 includes personal funds spent for any campaign related costs, including the candidate filing fee.  If at any time during a calendar year the candidate exceeds $750 in contributions or expenditures, the candidate must establish a campaign account and file form SEL 220 within three business days of exceeding the $750 threshold.

A candidate that does not expect to receive or spend a total of more than $3,500 for the calendar year may qualify to file a Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures.

Political Campaign Signs
Political campaign signs shall be erected only on private property. Signs shall comply with the vision clearance provisions. Signs may be erected during the campaign for a period of 60 days prior to the election in which candidates or issues are to be voted upon. Signs shall be removed not later than the fifth day following the election. See The Dalles, Oregon Municipal Code for more information.

Additional Information
 The City Elections Official is happy to assist you in finding information.  Contact Amie Ell at or call (541) 296-5488 ext. 1119 with questions or to set up an appointment.